Common Questions

What background do I need to qualify for training?

A rural and hunting background can help, but more importantly come with a good attitude and a strong willingness to learn.

What is the average age of students who enroll in your program, and how old is too old?

The average age is mid twenties. We have had students from 17 to 65. If you have kept in good shape and health there’s no reason an individual can’t do this well into their late 50’s 60’s and even 70’s.

What equipment and gear do I need to bring to Hands on Training?

Our schools will supply you with a list of things you will need to bring. Most of it will not be out of the ordinary and you may already have. Some specific items you will be able to pick up out here.

When will I be able to work?

Once you qualify and complete all parts of training you will be ready. For the most part this will be within a few days to a week after graduation.

Do you handle job placement?

Yes, we will give you good solid job leads with reputable outfitters that need help. We want all of our qualified graduates to go to work and assist each student according to their ability and the specific needs of an outfitter.

Can you guarantee jobs?

No guarantee, written or implied. We have maintained 100% placement for all qualified graduates since the middle 1960’s who were seeking employment. Click here for more information.

Where can I expect to be placed?

Most likely with a horse & mule outfit right here in the heart of the Rockies: Montana, Wyoming, Idaho or Colorado.

Will I start out guiding?

No, most likely you will start out as a packer, wrangler or camp jack. Most individuals will not be ready to guide till possibly the end of their first season or the following year. Guiding is a very big responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Is this year-round work?

No, especially coming out of school. Your first year will be the most seasonal; as you gain experience and prove yourself you will work into a more full time position. Down time for most outfits in the Northern Rockies is December through March.

What can I expect to start out making?

Starting out at the packer level on the average you would start $1000.00 to $1200.00 a month plus room and board.Remember you will be in the hills, so you should be able to bank most of your income Top guides will make over $100.00 per day plus tips.

When I have my guide’s license can I guide in any state?

No, you will be licensed under the outfit and the state you work in. This doesn’t mean you can’t have more than one license per year under another outfit or state. A guide’s license will not qualify you as an outfitter.

Can I make a career in the Outfitting Industry?

Yes, many of our past students have worked for many outfits and followed the work with the seasons. Some have gone on and eventually started their own successful outfitting businesses.

Do you offer a camp cook class?

Yes! Training to become a wilderness camp cook is available at select schools. Hoback Peak offers a 2 week cooking class. Click here for schools offering a cooking class.