elm outfitters guide school training

Back in 1959 Erv Malnarich founder and owner of  Elm Outfitters and Guides Training Program lead a private campaign to revamp an ungoverned guide school industry which by that time had attracted its own cast of shady individuals along with their toxic and numerous troubling ways.
Being the premier Big Game Guide Program in North America and Dean of Schools here in Montana since 1959 Erv petitioned to the legislature and the state of Montana with a list of concerns and suggestions. Emphasizing the great need for regulations and standardized qualifications that would highly improve the health of the Big Game Guide School Industry.
Unfortunately few of Erv’s endeavors were accomplished and still to this day there are no real state requirements needed or qualifications to start up a guide training program. No guidelines or standards to follow, nothing to keep the schools honest in their training and no protection for you the student.
Over the years we have had dealings with many licensed Big Game Outfitters who wanted us to endorse their guide schools which they didn’t even have up and going before Erv back then or Elm Inc of present came along. What we found out about most of their operations was their little concern for the obligations they promised their students in training and unwillingness to step up to meet our Higher Standards as a Top Rated big game guide training school program (Let me tell you we have seen it all!)
Of these Outfitters given the chance to prove themselves only a small handful have ever made the grade and  earned the privilege to carry our Gold Seal of Approval? There are little requirements and even less qualifications to be licensed as a guide school here in Montana. Further more there is no enforcement or accountability. A school can make as many outlandish and dishonest statements in their advertizements as they wish and knowingly get away with it. No Code of Ethics. Nothing to keep them honest. Nothing to protect you the student.

     ~the clear difference in Guide Training Schools that we personally endorse~

They must comply by Elm Outfitters and Guides Training Programs High Standards. Only these Guide Schools are allowed to carry and display our GOLD SEAL OF APPROVAL. These Schools are required to live up to our STRICT CODE OF ETHICS. Only these Schools must closely follow our DETAILED CURRICULUM. Only these Schools must show the ability to show fairness to students, higher moral standards, facilities, livestock, equipment and professional knowledge of subjects being taught.

~You have our promise, commitment and assurance~
(We Say What We Mean and Mean What We Say)