Endorsed Hands on Guide School -Hoback Peak

Hoback Peak has a great camp site setting.
You won’t see a scene like this in the city anywhere.I had copied your nite time tent picture

There is nothing more inviting than the reflections of a good camp as you ride in after a long days hunt. Those lighted tents warm you to your very soul and are truly a God-Send!
After the work is done you know there is always going to be good food and company waiting, plus a comfortable bunk to lay your head. It just doesn’t get much better!


elm outfitters guide school training

Give us a call about their guide school and they also have a 2 week camp cooking class

Professional Guide Training at its Best!!

elm outfitters guide school training

Big Game Guide Training School * Get enrolled for 2015*

The best is yet to come when you have Elm Outfitters & Guides training on your resume. Live your dream and let ELM be your guide to this rare and unique lifestyle!
Classes are beginning to fill up for this year but there’s still room for you, so give us a call.
Our training will be an experience you will not soon for get.
We enjoy seeing our students succeed

elm outfitters guide school training