Big Game Guide Training

Do you love the outdoors, hunting, camping out in the wilderness?

It is a great lifestyle, one that few people get to experience.. Now is your chance.
Our hands on training schools are gearing up for the 2016 classes. Call and we will help you get started.
We have experienced a lot of things, non as gratifying as seeing how our students progress during training when we visit with them at each of our schools, then when they land their first job with an outfitter. So many of our guide school students are still out there working every season being able to do what they really want to be doing.

Our training program meets the students needs to get into this business unlike any other school out there these days. How do we know this you might ask is. The most years in training -plain and simple – Premier [meaning first] and very high standards in the training methods we use
Teaching all the different skills required’ working with the horses and mules is the main thing.
If you haven’t worked with either one no problem that is what our endorsed hands on training schools are here for. You will obtain much knowledge from our home study course then the hands on training is most important of course
We have a very extensive curriculum be sure to take a look at our school curriculum page on our web site

We hear back from our students all of the time and thanks to Facebook we are able to stay in touch with past students from other countries. Many of who are guiding.

We take great pride in all of our students in past years and in future years to come.

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