The Rockies May Be Calling You

elm outfitters guide school training
elm outfitters guide school training
elm outfitters guide school training
elm outfitters guide school training

To me, the most special times are pre scouting for Big Horn Sheep, packing into the high country with a good string, setting camps, hearing that first echoing bugle and when the Quakers are really showing their colors. It so humbles me and again reminds me of all the Lord’s splendor and majesty.
Ask any honest old packer or guide and you many hear some of the same. They may even let on that they really didn’t choose this lifestyle, but that somehow this lifestyle has latched on and chosen them!
We have been in this training business since 1959, training individuals for this lifestyle longer than any other guide and packer school. We do not think of ourselves more highly than we ought but always strive to utilize our gifts and abilities wholeheartedly. We have the experience and know-how you are looking for.
If you are serious and want to learn more about this rewarding lifestyle, call the real Knott-line 406-961-3603 .

Big Game Wilderness Guide Training Student

elm outfitters guide school training

From a past student
I chose Elm Outfitters Guide training program because of their highly respected reputation in training and having the best schools which they endorse to do hands on training classes. Training for hunting guides, packers, camp cooks, wranglers and then their job placement is the best around. A long proven history of proven techniques and positive attitude is why I decided Elm would be my best choice. The home study prep course is a great way  to get ready in having a little more knowledge of the business and what all surrounds it; I learned so much in doing this part of the training, then on to the 4 week class which was done in the beautiful Bob Marchall Wilderness. -this has always been my passion. It is a blessing to earn money and do what I enjoy the most. That being said; I encourage anyone who loves hunting, fishing camping and learning how to pack in the correct manner. going many miles on the horses and with pack mules in the Rocky Mountains to give Michael and Julie Knott a call 406.961.3603.
They are there to assist anyone who is interested. I am sure glad I did.
You will be too
Thank you Michael and Julie you are the best
Brandon McConnell May 2014 student-

I’ll  will be going to work this Summer and then on into the Fall season