ELM Guide Training

On southern exposures you still will find Quaker stands or patches. The narrow strips of yellow heading up and down the Sage-Brush slope are a definite for some type of a seep but may not always be above ground and don’t overlook the Quaker patches on the little benches as they also indicate a good chance of a spring or seep on the surface.
A good spot for elk and mule deer to hold up in, as they most likely will have water plus cover and feed, all in a small area. So don’t overlook these spots.

You most likely will find a mixture up Aspen, Willow Brush. Sub-Alpine Fir and Spruce in the wetter areas and a mixture of Lodge-Pole Pine & Doug Fir in the dryer sections. Depending on the elevation the ridge tops may also hold some White-Bark Pine or Limber Pine.

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