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This was a review we received recently from a past student

First of I’d like to give a big thanks to Elm outfitters. I was born and raised in the outdoors and have always had considered myself a pretty good outdoors man and knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the outdoors but didn’t really know how to get started. After hours of researching guide schools from all over the western states, it didn’t take me long to figure out who the real deal was. One call to miss Julie Knott and my mind was made up. They not only helped me achieve my dream of becoming a guide and packer, they gave me the tools to become a SUCCESSFUL guide and packer. As they do their best to do so for any of their students. They are more than a business, they see well beyond the almighty dollar. They see students with a dream. Their schools strive to be the best in the business and back it up by training the best in the business. I’m saying all this from the bottom of my heart. If anyone out there is interested in becoming a real professional in the outdoors, than look no further south of Montana. Elm outfitters is the place you’ll be proud to call home[ where you got your start.] If anyone would like to personally ask me any questions, I’ll gladly share my experience past and present. Message me on Facebook or contact miss Julie and she can pass my info along.

We are so proud of all our students and continue to wish them much success

Think About it Carefully

When Choosing a Big Game Guide School

Why The Home Study Prep-Course Course?
We know the vital importance of giving all of our students a very comprehensive education!
Do not let other guide schools mislead you into thinking this type of course will not benefit you. They are sadly mistaken. In the first place they don’t have a preparatory course to offer you. Ask the instructor your self why they would not give you this opportunity, in order to get prepared!! Second they do not know the depth of what our course entails. The many details which are covered.
Home Study Course, 7th Edition. See Table Of Contents. Now you can see for yourself how extensive it is.

Successful students take these proven methods of training seriously, and we’re sure you will too!

Having been in this business for over 5 decades, our upstanding reputation with outfitters speaks for itself.

We endorse the Very Best and Most Qualified Training Schools in the Rockies for your hands on training class!

Important! Do your research very carefully when choosing a guide school training program. Think about what it is you are looking for in an education. After all this is your future!

Remember: Insufficient Training Produces Inadequate Results.

Know that the more training you receive the more of an asset you will be to an outfitter.

The outfitters here in the Rockies know the solid quality of training you receive by going through Elms entire program. [Home Study Prep-Course and the Hands on Training Class] This is a great advantage for our students.

You do not want or need to be going into your hands on training class blindsided. In other words not knowing what to expect and not having the ground work to take your training to the next level.

It makes sense! You can bet that a professional mechanic has done their home work and preparation. Before overhauling and dismantling an engine you would assume that he or she has the knowledge and schematics to properly and successfully complete their work.
Likewise by preparing and doing your lessons first, you ready yourself ahead of time for the Hands on Training class and your test.

Unfortunately many guide schools have their students spend way too much time sitting in a classroom at the school only listening to lectures, doing too many daily test and not enough time on actual hands on training. There are also a few guide schools out there who, while training you use your time there just to do their outfitting work for them. This is not the way to produce top hands. No, of course graduating from a guide school program in itself does not make you a top hand. That comes from having many years of experience in the field, which all of our instructors actually have. They are each very proficient in their training abilities.

You do deserve and need to be thoroughly trained in order to go to work as a guide, packer or wilderness camp cook for a big game hunting outfitter. That is a fact! That is what outfitters are looking for!

Many guide schools out there take short cuts in their training. With ELM’S over-all curriculum you can be assured that we never take any shortcuts. We want all our students to obtain as much understanding as possible by doing the home study course and go into the hands on training class having much more confidence in themselves. The education you will receive will be the foundation you will have built towards your future success in the outfitting industry. Thorough training is what you will receive through our entire program. Nothing less!

Student Testimonials

We always stress: safety, professionalism, good work ethics, working as a team, communication and overall personal attitude. Our goal is not only to teach you, but give you the opportunity to learn in the type of environment you will be working in and to have an enjoyable time during your training.

I have always had the heart for this business and hope that I and the hands on class instructors will pass that feeling on to each and everyone of our guide school students. I encourage you to do something you will enjoy. You will never be doing the same thing everyday. Always something new and challenging. There truly is Nothing Else Like It!

Guiding, packing, being in the wilderness having that great feeling of pride when you have led your client to that trophy big bull, big horn sheep, mountain goat or his or her game of choice.

I can assure you that outfitters here in the Rockies are looking for students who have been well trained. This in itself is why our students are always in such high demand.
Outfitters here in the Rockies always call us First for an Elm graduate to fill their positions.

By completing the home study course then going on to 4 weeks of very extensive hands on training. Given these two things is what equals – being well trained-

You can achieve your dream job just as I did and our graduates have been doing for many years. Many of whom have started their own successful outfitting business.

There have been a great number of past graduates who say -what a terrific reference the Home Study Course materials are – As a matter of fact I spoke with one of our students a short while back and said he felt much more confident in guiding a bear hunt in Alaska after he referred back to sections of the Home Study Course manual. This speaks volumes of the value which our students receive in this course.

I have guided, packed, wrangled and cooked. In other words been an all around hand andlet me tell you “It’s great getting up in the mornings to a job you love and getting paid to do it”

Note: Please be very wary of schools who guarantee you a job!
There are some out there who do make this claim unfortunately


Michael Knott -Program Director

Classes fill quickly, so do not hesitate!-We’re not the best at training because we are the oldest -We’re the oldest because we are the best at training –

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