Letter From A Past Elm Graduate To Erv - 1975

elm guide school training

Dear Erv,
As a former student of yours from 1975,I was not surprised to see the detail and extensive explanation of the outfitting/guiding industry outlined in your home study prep-course. It is very evident that with your many years of experience you presented all of the information contained in it in such a manner that is easily understood.

The training I received by going through your program indeed formed a solid foundation for my career in outfitting and the quality of life that myself and my family have been fortunate to experience through a successful outfitting business. After graduating from your guide school training class and being placed in employment with a quality outfitter here in Montana by you, my career in guiding and outfitting started.

After guiding for this outfitter for over 2 years I entered into my own outfitting business in 1978. As in any business, we experienced some early lean years, but were persistent to fulfilling our dream of operating a professional outfitting business. during those lean years, the former training I had received from you, your advise and direction along the way and I must say your genuine concern for us to succeed, instilled the confidence in us to pursue our goal.

As you well know we did reach our goal and developed our outfitting business into a very successful endeavor.

During these years of building our own business, I became active in our state outfitter association and was elected to the Board of Directors. I then went on and was elected to the Board of Directors in the Bitterroot Valley Chamber of Commerce to represent the outfitting industry in our valley.

The success of our business, a very unique and quality life [bar none] and the positions I have held all started with the foundation you built for me in 1975.

Thank you Erv.

Your course is the finest and most thorough training I could have received. It didn’t take long for me to understand why people said you were the best. I would strongly recommend your training program to anyone who is looking for a great lifestyle.


Yours In Outfitting,
Spence Trogdon

Here at “ELM” Julie and I are proud to carry on Ervs legacy