In Pursuit Of The Elusive Wapiti

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elm guide school training

Well hope everyone’s hunting season is going good.

I had a chance to get away a few days last week and do some hunting with my son Matt and cousin Al Bakken. Matt went over just before opening to set up our wall tent and cut some firewood so everything would be set for the hunt. He hunted by himself the first few days before I arrived, had a couple of chances at smaller bulls, but passed on them as the elk were still bugling.

The night I got there the excitement was in high gear as Matt relived the past few days. The next morning was calm and clear with much anticipation. As things go, the weather played a factor and decided to blow and wouldn’t let up for a minute. When I say blow, I mean blowing hard and swirling in all directions. (Not Good!)

“Huntin’s Huntin no matter how it goes”!

All in all it was still nice to get back to some of my old stomping grounds of thirty plus years ago and spend some time in the hills. Had a chance to check out one of the clear-cuts I helped cut and log and was real impressed with the regrowth of Lodge Pole and Doug Fir, 20 ft high with good grass. I believe the year was 1980. (Oh how time has passed.)

All for now, keep your powder dry and good hunting!

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