Elm Endorsed Guide Training Schools

Instructors at our endorsed Hands on Big Game Guide Schools work hard for you. With well over 35 years on average as Big Game Hunting Outfitters, Guides and Packers themselves, they have all worked diligently to get where they are in life running very successful outfits. They know what it takes to get you “there” also.

No team of experts is needed to receive personalized training in the skills you will need.
All of our instructors at our schools are much better qualified to teach the true skills needed in this business. They leave no stone unturned.

If you are looking for store-bought experts with little direct interest in your personal training, keep looking because you won’t find them at the ELM’s Guide School Training Program.

Shiny boots, pressed pants and fancy degrees don’t carry much weight in this rope slinging and guiding trade. Which is precisely why experts of this type have never made the grade at ELM.

Our schools and instructors all have been handpicked for a reason. Not only do they have the miles, years, and scares, under their belts, but also a real genuine teaching ability and a sincere personal interest in your success.

Working closely with our Endorsed schools, we are personally involved in your education from start to finish, from our Home Study Training Course [which is of vital importance in order for you to receive a well rounded education] through Hands on Training and beyond. When we meet with you at the Hands on Training School we sit down with each and everyone of you, talk with you one-on-one, answering your questions and closely evaluating your progress. We have an actual interest in your overall training, your job placement, and your success as a qualified big game guide, horse & mule packer or wilderness camp cook.

There will be a lot of hard work, and I guarantee you it’s not all going to be easy. However, if you are a hard worker, have the heart and desire for this business you may have found the perfect career for yourself–along with America’s best outdoor guide training school program to get you started.

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Hunting Guide School Students

From Around The World
United States

Flags above: Africa, Denmark, Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Italy, Norway, France, and of course the USA
As you can see we have had many big game guide students from all over the world. Last year was no exception. Two young men came from Denmark to attend the guide training class. Having had different types of hunting experiences then our students from the U.S.A. brought up some very interesting conversations.

We are also happy to say that now 2 of our students which have been serving our country in Iraq and 1 who was in Afghanistan are back in the states and will also be attending one of ELM’s endorsed hands on guide training schools this year.

I spoke with another a young man over in Afghanistan a few days ago. He’s working on the Home Study Course. I’m always amazed at the great phone reception they get from there. [no dropped calls] He is eagerly awaiting his return [only 3 months away now] to the states to begin his training and on to fulfilling his lifelong dream of working in the Rockies. This student has now returned and will be attending the 4 week training class next year.
Another one of our students in Afghanistan is coming in this week. He called us just yesterday, so excited about training and starting his new career.
A very special Thank you to all of the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country!

Our student from Africa had lots of interesting stories to share with the other students.
Near or far ELM’s Guide School Training Program is well known, respected and very highly regarded as the best place to get started and to be successful.

You can get started today!!