Becoming A Big Game Hunting Guide

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Do you want to learn to be a hunting guide? Do you enjoy hunting, exploring the great outdoors and want to earn a living doing something you have a great passion for?
You can Experience every day what others only dream about once or twice a year.

Take a look through this journal at the pictures on each page and you will see the skills our students are taught. This is what outfitters are definitely looking for.

They want students who have been trained extensively working with the horses and mules.[These animals are the bread-n-butter of an outfit]

There is a high demand for good guides, packers and camp cooks, so if you think you have what it takes and you want to to be the best at what you do-you will need to be trained by the best in the business-

You will also see some beautiful scenery during some of your training. [This is just the icing on the cake as they say]

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Home Study Prep-Course "Example Questions"

Test your knowledge!

1. What is the most frustrating problem that you as a guide might encounter when hunting early season big game?

2. What are the two rings on a mule halter for and explain why they are so important?

3. What tree is the best source for finding pitch-wood in the Rocky Mountains?

4. Why do seeps tend to be on north facing slopes?

5. How often should a horses shoes be reset? What might determine this factor?

6. When hunting alone what is the one best sign that you can leave to indicate your direction of travel?

7. What is the main cause of hypothermia and how can you help prevent it?

8. What might be your greatest single fault in the interviewing process when you’re applying for a job with an outfitter?

9.What hitch is used when pig tailing pack animals into your pack string & why is this hitch so important?

10.To sum it all up, what rule must you always follow when you become a big game hunting guide?

Bonus Question

You are walking a compass course of 190 degrees, you want to return to where you started from, so what would your compass heading be?

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