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Yes, This Can Be You!
Just one of many success stories from an Elm Guide School Graduate!

Can you picture yourself as a Big Game Hunting Guide guiding here in the Rocky Mountain West. The excitement and anticipation you feel while guiding hunting clients and especially when you have the opportunity to bugle in a trophy Bull Elk like this is beyond words!

Many individuals have read about this unique lifestyle in books, magazines and by watching videos and only thought about what it would be like doing this for a living. Others however have made the decision not to just sit back, they put their best foot forward and followed their dreams!

One of our past students pictured here more than made his dreams come true. Giving a call to Elm Outfitters & Guides Training was just the opportunity he was needing.

The Home Study Course was his first step, then onto four weeks of hands on training. Upon his graduation we placed him right on the job.

Because of his dedication, hard work and training he went on to become a top hand and successful Hunting Guide. He now owns an accomplished outfitting business in Wyoming and is head instructor of Hoback Peak Guide & Packer School, an Elm endorsed school.

Can you picture yourself here?

There’s only one sure way to find out, and when you reach the Rockies remember!
*Never Lose Sight of Where Your Trail Meets the Sky*

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