Getting Ready For A Pack Trip

elm outfitters guide school training

Making final adjustments to their manta loads they slung with the basket hitch. The grub boxes will go on the front pack horse so they can keep a good eye on them! All in a days work for a good packer. Getting those techniques down in a safe and proper way will let the outfit you go to work
for see you have been trained by the best in the business.

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Guide School Visit

It’s that time of year again! Visiting with all of the students over at the schools. Sitting down and talking with each one individually is an enjoyable part of our program for us. Putting a face with the voices we have spoken with many times by phone.

Listening to each one talk about all the different aspects of their training and talking about all the many job opportunities available for them. Students were eager to go to work and looking to put all the skills they were taught to good use with outfitters here in the Rockies.

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