Trained Right the First Time Around

*The Art Of Packing*

Guide School Students know that learning to pack using the proper techniques is of vital importance! You will be trained in both decker and sawbuck methods of packing. The decker is used more in the northern part of the Rockies and the sawbuck in the south

Most of the time important items such as bread and eggs are packed in these – Hint they will make it to camp in better shape when riding on top, not at the bottom.

Students are trained the correct way the first time around!

This is why OUR graduates are in high demand by outfitters here in the Rockies due to the excellent training they gain by attending any of ELM’S Endorsed Schools.

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Student At Guide Training School

elm outfitters guide school training

At any big game hunting camp there are always many a chore to be done. Students learn this firsthand during the hands on guide training school classes at any of our endorsed schools.
This photo was taken during one of our school visits.

Here you can see in the background firewood has been chopped in preparation of colder weather to come. The heat from the wood stoves is much welcomed after a long days hunt. Lanterns must be filled before darkness hits, buckets of water hauled and stock fed before you can finally maybe sit down to that good ole tasting cowboy coffee, along with a good home cooked meal and reminisce about the days hunt.

Elm’s students learn team work and how to pitch in at all times when there is work to be done. We call this “Becoming an all-around hand” These lessons will groom the right mindset and should become second nature.

Outfitters look for students who are trained in this manner and that is why the graduates of our program are in such high demand.

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