Trained to Become

A Successful Big Game Hunting Guide
elm outfitters guide school training

An Elm Guide School graduate hired as a wilderness elk guide with a top Wyoming outfitter. He bugled in his first bull elk for a thrilled client giving him a gratifying experience. We are always proud to see graduates from our training school doing so well. A new adventure! A new lifestyle!

A Bell Mare at Guide School Training Camp

elm outfitters guide school training

Belled and hobbled, her field work is just about completed. This pretty gal won’t be needed till early morning.

Such is life in the backcountry of the Rockies. Students on the other hand have a full evening’s work yet to do. There’s wood to chop and split for those wood stoves, getting set up for supper, making sure horses are fed and watered. The stock is of vital importance to an outfit here in the West.

Everything you will do at guide school will definitely keep you busy. This is how our schoolsprepare students for the real world of outfitting. Students who go through our training program know this and by getting good quality training job opportunities can be plenty.

As the saying goes, you get out of it what you put into it!