Students Enjoying Lunch Together

elm outfitters guide school training

We thoroughly enjoy having a meal with our students and as you can see it’s a very fun time.
Catching up on all the mornings activities and what the afternoon training has in store for them.

Tying Off a Single Diamond Hitch

This is Marc, a student from Belgium who just graduated from our training program. He is planning on going to work this fall. Mark is in his early 50’s. When Michael and I visited with his class they were totally impressed with his heart and desire, not to mention the great stamina he has. “What is his past profession?” you might ask. A tree trimmer who actually climbs up to get the job done.

Students From All Over the World

This summer we had Joshua from Australia and Reiner from Germany and Marc from Belgium. We had a great time meeting them and all of the guide school students in their class at our hands on school. Each student got a terrific job and will be sending pictures to add on our journal. Stay tuned!